Jun 13 2013
Jonathan Thulin's "Dead Come To Life"



"If you have found yourself singing, "You're Calling Me Cause Only With You Dead Come To Life, Dead Come To Life. Only With You The Dead Come To Life, Dead Come To Life Only With You God" lately you're not alone.  Jonathan Thulin's song is being spun on radio a lot lately and what a better time than ever than to release his music video for, "Dead Come To Life" (feat. Charmaine).  Not just a music video but a "mini movie" as some are calling it.  The 9 minute epic paints the story of redemption and the human condition in a beautifully crafted way. Featuring the stunning vocals of Charmaine, the two tell the story of a rich man and a humble widow both faced with the opportunity to choose eternal life or death." ~ Dream Records

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