Jun 13 2013
Jonathan Thulin's "Dead Come To Life"


 Jonathan Thulin's "Dead Come to Life" 9 Min Epic!

"Not just a music video but a "mini movie" as some are calling it.  The 9 minute epic paints the story of redemption and the human condition in a beautifully crafted way. Featuring the stunning vocals of Charmaine, the two tell the story of a rich man and a humble widow both faced with the opportunity to choose eternal life or death.

The visually stunning cinematography done by Neumann Films combined with the co-direction by Jonathan Thulin and the production efforts by 3 StudiosDavid Thulin (his brother who also makes a cameo)'s production company, really raise the bar on the values of how music videos should be made with such an important message." ~LanceBrown/Dream Records


Read more about Jonathan Thulin and watch more videos at NRT.COM!

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