Apr 02 2013
Newsboys TV Series


This looks really cool!!! I read about this on NewReleaseTuesday.com!!


"With 25 No. 1 pop hits and 6 million records sold over the last two decades, the Newsboys have appealed to multiple generations of Christian music lovers. They have garnered a extensive range of music awards, including multiple Grammy nominations, and they are now led by Grammy Award Winning front-man Michael Tait (dc Talk). In this series, viewers are given a front-seat view of all that it means to be a Newsboy, as they tag along on the band’s day to day adventures of learning to get along, recording, touring, and giving back. Along with a “fly on the wall” perspective, quick interview clips will address various thoughts, opinions, challenges and aspects of the walk of faith. (http://ladywhiteentertainment.com) Created by Mari White (http://mariwhite.com)"


Get showtimes and more info on NRT.com

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