Apr 01 2013
Colton Dixon Returns to American Idol


Colton Dixon Returns to the Idol Stage with his latest single "Love Has Come for Me"

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4/2/2013 4:45:04 AM
mark berry United States
mark berry
on your cd on the jacket you are wearing you have sargent stripes and a vietnam combat patch are you aware of that it was my unit 26th eng americal div or 23rd infantry if you are thank you we were treated badly when we come home honor to all vets
4/2/2013 8:58:25 AM
Kimi :o} United States
Kimi :o}
I am an AmerAsian from Vietnam and my blood did love my mother and I enough to marry my mom and bring us to the USA.  Thankfully to the Lord that I am not an outcast on the streets of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) because my blood father did the honourable thing.  Praise Father God :o} Mark Berry, Mahalo Nui Loa for serving during the time in a horrific war that only brought continuous sadness to the veterans (you and others like my blood father)! Camong (sp?)in Vietnamese to say Thank You! Mahalo Nui Loa in Hawaiian to say Thank You from the bottom of my Heart!  And to Colton Dixon for being a young Christian artist with the HEART OF JESUS :o}  You ROCK, COLTON DIXON!!  Agape Love, Kimi ;~}