Mar 26 2013
Bracket of Awesomeness!!!!

"Today: The Bracket of Awesomeness matchup NO ONE saw coming: "One Direction" vs. Epidurals!!!" ~ Brant

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3/26/2013 1:43:10 PM
Breanna United States
Ok I have to choose One directions Because Epidurals are shots! What kid likes shots? 1 direction is music so i  have to choose 1 Direction
3/26/2013 2:31:06 PM
Cassie United States
1D. 'Nuff said. But Brant, why aren't orcas on there? ;)
3/26/2013 3:02:22 PM
Nathan United States
As amazing as One Direction is- being the hottest boy band plus having great music.  I know that once I am older, I will be much more thankful for epidurals than One Direction.
3/26/2013 3:55:27 PM
Reachel United States
From a Mother who had children in the 70's,BEFORE epidurals when it was Peace, Love & Natural Childbirth. I gotta go with the Epidurals!!
3/26/2013 5:47:14 PM
Future Pixarian United States
Future Pixarian
1D all the way... too bad it didn't win! But @Cassie... Orcas? What about Pixar?
3/26/2013 8:17:27 PM
Laura United States
ONE DIRECTION!! WOOO. Huge directioner here. ;) <3
3/27/2013 7:22:37 AM
Seriously? United States
I can't believe 1D didn't win. I mean seriously, who like Epidurals??? Thats just wrong... That was the only thing I was interested in. Please do this again next year and put 1D back on it please???
3/27/2013 7:27:32 AM
Seriously? United States
Why did epidurals win??? I mean seriously, 1D is ok, but who likes epidurals??? I know I don't like epidurals. Please do this again next year and put 1D back on it please???
3/27/2013 8:32:14 AM
Hello! United States
I agree with you, "Laura" and "Seriously?"! Go 1D!
3/29/2013 4:57:08 PM
Ashley United States
One Direction is Amazayn!!!!!!
4/1/2013 7:34:53 AM
Chisel United States
I'm wondering how many of these people (kids?) really know what an epidural is... I'm a grown man and I know that I am thankful for the epi for my wifes sake!
4/4/2013 3:27:33 PM
Julia United States
Hey I love one direction