Mar 22 2013
"Heal This Home" God In Marriage

A woman called my show after hearing this song.  She is struggling in her marriage and on the verge of divorce.  Her and her husband used to serve together at thier church, he was in a Christian rock band, they loved the Lord, and raised 3 beautiful children.  So what happened???

Today, he has lost his faith in the Lord, he gets angry a lot, she has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and has come close to committing suicide.  Their marriage is falling apart, but she doesn't want to give up.  She is putting all her trust in GOD to "heal this home" because she knows HE has the love and power to answer her prayers to mend her marriage.

I asked her "What if he doesn't answer your prayers in the way you think or expect?" She told me she knows and believes with all her heart and soul that no matter the outcome, either way, God is in it and He works all for good, until then she says "I am not giving up."


If you are married, what are your "secrets" to a healthy successful marriage?                                                                                                                                        

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3/22/2013 1:52:28 PM
Noah United States
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3/22/2013 5:00:37 PM
Sarah Boze United States
Sarah Boze
Just when you think you've finally reached calm water in a long term relationship, you're thrown into change again.  It's difficult when the kids are grown or almost grown.  The marriage has to be re-defined, - - or die.  My husband and I have raised three kids too, and sometimes I find myself staring too longingly at the past; it can make the future appear like an endless desert road.  I remind myself every day that nothing exists outside of God, and he is that third cord in our marriage that keeps us from breaking.  The Lord gives me eyes to see that this is still the same 23 year-old-boy I married so long ago.