Mar 14 2013
Video: Tenth Ave North "WORN"




"Our God Brings Beauty Out of Chaos" ~Mike Donehey

Tenth Avenue North debuts the official music video for their new single, “Worn,” off the current album The Struggle.  Directed by Nathan William and produced by Mike Edwards, the video magnificently captures the emotional exhaustion behind lead singer Mike Donehey’s lyrics, which plea for solace and rest from a world full of struggle.


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3/14/2013 10:03:40 AM
Ann United States
This song speak volumes to me right now. I feel worn and tired. I feel stuck..."let me know the struggle ends, that you can mend a heart that’s frail and torn..."
3/14/2013 10:46:08 AM
Emily United States
3/14/2013 10:46:48 AM
Nathan Halberstadt United States
Nathan Halberstadt
Worn is the only tenth avenue north song I've ever liked.  And I like it a lot.
3/14/2013 12:40:44 PM
Yolanda United States
This song is very BEAUTIFUL love it... it has so much meaning to my life...
3/14/2013 6:28:18 PM
Becky United States
Thank you so much for sharing! I love this song! It truly speaks to me and this video is an amazing addition!
3/14/2013 9:42:17 PM
Jeremy United States
I have no words that are strong enough to say how amazing this song is!
3/15/2013 3:47:12 PM
John United States
This is by far my all time favorite song and I like many different songs and genres throughout my like but guys you have set a new level as far as I am concerned!!!!
3/16/2013 7:18:22 PM
Bruce United States
Thank God, others know the struggle! Sometimes, it seems too many know only good times these days while I seek but even a drop of heavenly dew to fall! Hope is not a hope fulfilled, else it would be no hope at all! So many have such hope today and i wonder sometimes if any will ever come my way!
3/17/2013 8:38:02 AM
Matt United States
With the hustle and hours working, day in day out , Like the hamster on the wheel we can all relate with this song. We need to make sure to make the time to put our Lord Jesus first. Thank you Lord Jesus For this Day, and for all you have Blessed us with.
3/17/2013 1:28:47 PM
Geneviève Canada
One of my favorite video ever! And I love so much the song!
3/17/2013 3:17:37 PM
Emily Stampfel United States
Emily Stampfel
Tenth Avenue North is honestly the best band ever and I love this song so much because of the meaning behind it.
3/18/2013 11:44:59 AM
Susan United States
love the song and the video..praying God's light shines thru the darkness for all who hear this song...
3/19/2013 8:16:03 AM
Phoebe United States
Love the band, song, and music video
3/19/2013 9:21:45 AM
Bruce United States
3/19/2013 3:36:01 PM
Elizabeth United States
That awkward moment when a guy from your school hangs out at the same websites... Nathan Halberstadt
3/20/2013 4:39:41 PM
Anna United States
I am having so many struggles with my health and walking right now due to a spinal cord disease. I also just lost my job recently and don't know how I'll find another one with my health the way it is. I heard this song for the first time the other day and I could totally relate to how I'm feeling now. It is such a beautiful song. I am feeling worn also but I know God is with me and will see me through this. I will continue to serve him and seek healing and redemption.