Mar 13 2013
Chris Tomlin Featured On CNN


More people have heard singer/songwriter Chris Tomlin's songs than Adele's, Katy Perry's, and Kelly Clarkson's combined. Chris Tomlin is undoubtedly one of the most successful songwriters of our generation, as well as the most humble. In a new interview, Chris talks with CNN's Tom Foreman about his thriving music career. “I strive for trying to write something that people can sing, that people want to sing, and that people need to sing,” Tomlin explained before a live show. The secret to Tomlin's success, is that the songs he writes are not about him. 

“I was just writing songs for the church and from there they just started taking off,” explains Chris, who says his goal is to write songs that communicate what people would like to say to God.“I'm thinking as that comes out of my heart as a song of response, I'm trying to think, how can I form this so that everybody, people who are tone deaf, who can't clap on two and four, how can I form this song so they can sing it, so that it is singable?”

Despite his success, don't expect a crossover album from Tomlin who assures that money is not what motivates him to write and perform. “I feel like I have a responsibility,  that God has given me a gift to write songs for his church that people listen to and that people are coming to expect now,” he said. “When I make a record I feel that responsibility that worship leaders, churches are going to say, 'Hey, are these some new songs we can sing in our church?' And I don't take that lightly, and I don't go, ‘Oh let's go do something else fun.’”

Tomlin is currently on tour promoting his new album Burning Lights

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3/14/2013 3:19:48 PM
Em<3 United States
You rock Chris!!!! I've loved you & your music for forever!!!! When I was a little girl the only song I liked was "Indescribable"!!!!
3/19/2013 3:37:53 PM
Elizabeth United States
Wow! At first, everyone in my family was like "NO way!?!" Then I showed them and they were like "I bet thats a mistake..."
GO Chris Tomlin! His music gets better with every album