Mar 13 2013
Brant helps Jeremy Camp

"People ask me, 'Hey Brant, what do you do during a song?' I'm very, VERY busy. This 1 minute, 20 second video is eye-opening." ~ Brant

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3/13/2013 3:21:43 PM
Zane Sonic United States
Zane Sonic
I believe this is the second episode of 'What I do during a song'?
The previous one was called 'Little Brant Peep' as far as i know.
3/13/2013 4:13:20 PM
Nathan Halberstadt United States
Nathan Halberstadt
Hilarious! I laughed my head off!

The real question being; is Brant or Jeremy's show more important?
3/13/2013 4:27:09 PM
dan jackowitz United States
dan jackowitz
Great stuff, but why is it that the song isn't a Jeremy Camp song?

i get the tag line, but i would guess that there's a song by Jeremy that might fit as well.

Thanks Brant & all who helped on this!
3/13/2013 8:23:28 PM
Autumn United States
Nice. You look a little different than I was expecting. I love listening to your show. It's te best. Nice video, it's pretty funny.
3/13/2013 10:28:28 PM
Thomas White United States
Thomas White
Fun stuff.  But the tricep is the back of the arm.  Those curls were were only working the biceps, the front of the arm.
3/14/2013 10:48:09 AM
Liz United States
Pretty Funny Video, I watched it like 10 times.
3/14/2013 3:18:47 PM
Em<3 United States
Love you Brant!!!!
3/14/2013 11:45:01 PM
Kyle Basson Zimbabwe
Kyle Basson
Shout out to Brant and Sherri!!  

Love the show, listen to the podcast on my way to work every morning!  

People in traffic think I'm strange because I'm seemingly laughing to myself!!!
3/15/2013 3:12:06 PM
Beckah United States
Hilarious guysLaughing
3/15/2013 5:51:17 PM
Miranda United States
Brant, I enjoyed this video.  I love listening to your voice, you do a great job on Air1. My kids love the inflection when you speak, they are very amused.  How cool is that you are able to talk to Jeremy Camp in person!! Wow!
3/16/2013 8:10:32 AM
Luke United States
Funny - and VERY believable! Great!
P.S. I still think it's cool that Jeremy Camp is from Indiana. You rock bro!
3/16/2013 2:59:43 PM
Joe Haney United States
Joe Haney
I think hangin' out with either one of those guys would just be a blast!
3/16/2013 10:28:51 PM
Charlotte McGlothlin United States
Charlotte McGlothlin

Dude, you are awesome; I think you should be on a comedy show. (But, that's just my opinion.) have you always been funny? (Bet your wife is funny, too...ha-ha! ;) )

God Bless.....