Mar 06 2013
Shawn McDonald Shares "Burning"

Singer/songwriter Shawn McDonald is gearing up for the release of his new album The Analog Sessions (March 26, 2013)- a collection of nine fan favorites re-recorded live, and also includes two new songs. “When you release a traditional greatest hits record these days, usually people just go to iTunes to download the new songs, so the idea was to re-record everything to give the songs a fresh and different approach,” McDonald shares.“I hope listeners hear the heart of these songs in this stripped down format. I think longtime fans will enjoy hearing a new feel for the songs they’ve fallen in love with over the years, and for newer fans, this project can also be an introduction of where we came from.”


One of Shawn's songs that may not make the record is a tune called, "Burning." Shawn recently shared with listeners a video of him performing the song live. "Burning is a song that I wrote a while back that we play live, and wanted to share it. I love this song but as I am writing for a new record I feel its one of the weaker songs and might not make a new project," he explains. "I will be putting more videos up of some of the older songs that are on this project along with 2 new ones that you haven't heard before. I am super excited about what's coming."