Feb 28 2013
Third Day & Colton Dixon:Harlem Shake


Everyone's doing THE HARLEM SHAKE these days!!  

Even Third Day, Colton Dixon, and Josh Wilson on Third Day's Miracle Tour in Lynchburg, VA on 2/22/13 

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3/1/2013 9:07:31 AM
Breanna United States
The Harlem Shake got to try that! seems so energetic. Brant and Cheri should do it and post it That i would dance with !
3/1/2013 9:41:34 AM
Marina Vanderborgh United States
Marina Vanderborgh
I'm not sure if you are aware, but once you've seen the Third Day video, it then links to many other videos of the harlem shake that looks very unappropriate. Please correct this.
3/1/2013 10:04:25 AM
Breanna United States
Agree it leads links to other video
3/1/2013 11:18:40 AM
Breanna United States
But other wise its still good!!!
3/1/2013 12:46:58 PM
Ashley United States
Colton Dixon is getting it lol! I love this.
3/2/2013 9:52:35 AM
Paul United States
This is what is wrong with the Church today, too much world and not enough JESUS!!  Third Day needs to get back to what's important, and that is leading lost souls to The Cross. The Harlem Shake is not going to do that.
3/2/2013 7:58:04 PM
Breanna United States
Well they are just having fun thats coming from me a 12 year old. Every once and then they should have fun. So lost ones could think being a christian and loving God could b serious and fun.
3/3/2013 1:58:31 PM
Donnie United States
Third-Day you need to get back the way you use to be when you frist started out for God.Kids now days are brained wash enough of wordly music.And if you don't want it on you-tube than don't put it on here to be heard. May God be with you all on your journey to Heaven.
3/3/2013 7:05:20 PM
Beckah United States
This new fad is just beyond weird.
3/4/2013 11:11:19 AM
Renee United States
I was at this at this concert when this video was made.  For those who want to be critical of it, it was just a fun little thing we did that night.  I can assure you that Third Day and the other bands were ALL ABOUT lifting the name of Jesus up and leading souls to Christ!! There is nothing wrong with cutting up and having a little fun sometimes!
3/4/2013 2:23:30 PM
Breanna United States
Renee i agree with you. After the service its not agaisnt the law to have some fun Smile
3/6/2013 11:31:57 AM
AJ United States
As a veteran who served in Iraq, I wonder how Saeed Abedini feels about Christians doing the Harlem Shake "with the terrorists."  I doubt he would feel that it is all in fun.
3/6/2013 1:26:36 PM
Paul United States
That's right AJ.  I'm not against having fun. But the Bible speaks very clearly about us being separate from the world and do not do anything to cause your brother to fall. Someone grounded in their faith could look at this as being fun, but someone not saved may see it as an open door to follow other things of the world.
3/11/2013 10:03:58 PM
Karen United States
Just disappointed....
Jesus doesn't mind us having fun but everything we do should be to His glory and always honoring- the Lord, others, and ourselves.
Nothing about Harlem Shake is honoring...