Jan 29 2013
Watch! Colton Dixon Listening to his song on Air 1!


Did you know that when Colton Dixon heard his song "You Are" for the first time on the radio it was when our very own Ashton played it on Mixology Live??


And video was rolling when it happened!!

Watch Colton Dixon perform Live in the Air1 Lounge HERE

Wanna go to a free Air1 CD release party for Colton's new album "The Messenger"??  umm.. YEAH!!  See if he will be in a city near you HERE


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1/31/2013 11:15:28 AM
Jessi United States
AW! That is sooo cool to see his reaction! Colton is amazing and I LOVE his heart for God and worship! He's been holding true to who he is in Christ since the VERY beginning, which is rare and a blessing to see. He is such an inspiration. Love you Colton!
1/31/2013 3:10:39 PM
Em<3 United States
Can't wait to get his album!!! Why does it have to take so long for stuff to ship??? God bless ya Colton!!!!!!!!!!!
1/31/2013 5:01:45 PM
McKenzie Ann United States
McKenzie Ann
Oh, how cool!