Jan 27 2013
RED: Release The Panic



Release Date: 2-5-13

Vocalist Michael Barnes, guitarist Anthony Armstrong, bassist Randy Armstrong and drummer Joe Rickard -- cleared their calendar, came off the road,  and escaped to make this album in the beginning of 2012.  While recording Release The Panic the band went AWOL in the plush new studios of Producer Howard Benson, in Los Angeles.  While in L.A., the band lived, breathed, ate, slept and worked,  constantly crafting these new tracks, an experience new and invigorating.

“As we recorded in Los Angeles, the inspiration for that song was all around us, all the time,” Anthony Armstrong says.  “So many people have themselves convinced they’re living the sweet life, the good life, and some have worked really hard to get there, but it’s the people who are trying, clawing their way to live this kind of life that’s troubling.”

Check out "Hold Me Now" off the new album! We start playin it on Air 1 this week!

Red will be performing more of their new songs from Release The Panic while on the road with the Winter Jam tour in January, followed by a spring headlining tour and select festival dates to be announced.

Release The Panic will be available in both Deluxe and Standard editions on February 5.  


The Deluxe edition includes five additional songs; two brand new and three remixes of “Death of Me,” “Hymn for the Missing” and “Breathe Into Me.”

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Comments (2) -

11/30/2012 9:21:45 AM
natoB331 United States
started hyperventalating when i saw the post! cant wait to see them @ winterjam
11/30/2012 12:20:24 PM
Tyler United States
Wish I could go to Winter Jam. :-(
I freaked when I saw the post too.  I love Red (I'm a true RedHed) and can't wait for their new album to come out.  The album name is even better than the previous one.