Jan 13 2013
Watch!! For King and Country on Jay Leno!!!

(Start watching at 37 minutes in)


For King and Country

ROCKED it on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last week!! 

They performed their hit song "Proof of Your Love" 

If you missed it, here it is!!


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1/14/2013 3:54:33 PM
cab009 United States
lovin' the live version!
1/14/2013 4:07:14 PM
Cindy Lopez United States
Cindy Lopez
They were Awesome!!!!! Praise God for a generation willing to share the love of God, and are not ashamed to praise His Holy Name, The name above ALL NAMES JESUS CHRIST!
1/15/2013 11:31:55 AM
Candice United States
My favorite part of the song has always been 1 Corinthians, beginning of Chapter 13. Loved this performance and would've loved it even more to have that part included as well!
1/15/2013 12:19:10 PM
Beckah United States
They did an amazing jobLaughing
1/18/2013 4:37:04 PM
Lea United States
Thanks for posting the "For King and Country" video! They did ROCK it!!! I was kind of disappointed they didn't recite, on public TV, the Bible verses that are in the original song...