Dec 27 2012
PLUMB Shows Respect to Newtown with Album Change



Plumb's next album featuring her hit single "Need You Now, How Many Times" was titled Faster Than A Bullet .  We have all been waiting to hear more songs from her!! She has gotten so much love from fans with her latest song.  Well, due to the recent Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy in Newtown Connecticut, Plumb has announced that her next album's title has been changed to Need You Now.  She wrote on her Facebook page,

 "Attention everyone, especially any media I have interviewed with regarding the upcoming record...effective immediately, in honor of the victims and their families in the Connecticut tragedy, I have changed my upcoming album title to 'Need You Now'. Any reference to the previous album title needs to be removed where possible. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause...but I'm certain everyone will understand how important it is to make reference as much as possible to the only true hope we can have at all times and as little reference to anything otherwise. Peace to you."

Need You Now is slated for a February 26, 2013 release.




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12/30/2012 3:29:56 PM
Anonymous United States
Plumb's new song has been a real help and inspiration to me in the struggles and trials I have had to face in both the recent past and currently.