Dec 26 2012
Brant's Top Videos-#5

We thought we'd do an end-of-year rundown of our "Top 5 Favorite Short Videos" from the show (Doesn't mean they're GOOD, just means we liked them more than the other ones we did.) So there. Here's #5.


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12/26/2012 5:45:04 PM
Jennifer United States
Love this video!! saw it when it came out. I love the sheep. How did you get those sheep in that open field and not get them to run away? Brant, you are the best(and funniest) DJ at Air1 (and K-LOVE) and all over the world!! Sherri, you are the best producer ever.
12/26/2012 6:57:36 PM
Em<3 United States
Oh Brant... I love you! You are awesome! Same with you Sheri!
12/26/2012 8:23:36 PM
Jennifer United States
Em, I think so too!!
1/8/2013 10:54:51 AM
Jonathan Martin United States
Jonathan Martin
hahaha niice did he really do that during a song?! That's epic