Dec 17 2012
Newtown, CT. Father Gives Message of Hope and Faith

Robbie Parker the father of 6 year old Emilie Parker, who lost her life Friday in Newtown, CT, spoke out this weekend, about Healing, Forgiveness, Hope, and Faith.





"I'm Not Mad"

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12/17/2012 10:48:18 AM
Kimi ;~} United States
Kimi ;~}
Wow so touching and mahalos ms.Brenda for sharing Laughing  Shoutout to my lil Babe Braddah Brant Hansen Laughing  ty Jesus Christ for Ms.Brenda  sweeeeet soul on air1radio during the afternoons Laughing U R BEAUTIFUL   ty Father God for LOVE we feel when Ms. Brenda is on air Laughing
12/17/2012 12:21:30 PM
john matthew nichols United States
john matthew nichols
hellow my tears and heart goes out to all those who have lost there children in this tragic heart break. first i wanna say god bless all those sad confused parents and family members. i am from apple valley ca. i hear what happened and i broke out in tears went to my room prayed for all the people who lost there lives that day. i am a god fearing christian i love to share the gospl to any one and everyone.god loves us all.satin is a lier and a thief he is here only to destroy gods people he has only a limited time that he can cause pain and hate and confusion towards god.this is not gods fault he died on the cross for all of us. u all no as i no al ur children are playing with god and looking down on all ur beautiful hearts and faces.they want u to be happy dont let bitter ness or confusion enter ur hearts thats what satin wants. i am always praying for the wold and all of the people there in not a sec that i aiint praying i love u all. god bless all of u and america. and all the people on this blue and green marble draw near to god and god will draw near to u amen.