Dec 14 2012
Where Is God In This?


Amber, a graduate student, asks Brant how she should respond to people who may wonder:

"Where is God in this?" 


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12/14/2012 4:37:12 PM
Jesus United States
where is your god ? if there wasn't a god then why the miracles that happen everyday?  or why believe in miracles? 131.4 million births a year. 55.3 million death a year if there where no GOD then those statistic would be even. its by people choice.
12/14/2012 5:00:11 PM
Tisha United States
God is here always here ..He is just waiting for U ..People...Mankind ask Him to intervene to come in their lives. He want push His way in your life ...Thats why He sent Jesus ...The Way The Truth The Life.... We need HIM people ...Stop trying push HIM out!!! What happen to the IN GOD WE TRUST!!!! BRING HIM BACK!!! WE NEED GOD !!!
12/14/2012 6:34:24 PM
Saint728 United States
I knew eventually someone would start questioning our Heavenly Father, it is typical for man to blame God for tradies like this. But as the other comments mention,"Freedom" God gave us commandments God gave us a Jesus as an example of how we should live our lives, but it was always up to us whether we wanted to follow the 10 commandments or to be Christ Like, And thats just why God is so compansionate!! becuase despite the fact from day one He could have took away our freedom, But He didn't because despite how hopeless mankind can be!!! He still has Hope for mankind and thats why He gave us Jesus a Beacon of Hope, Noahs ark, Moses to deliver the Israelites out of slavery etc..God never gave up on us So with Freedom comes great responsibility and what you do with that Freedom will affect life all around you, So when someone ask you "Where is your God?" turn to God and say "Father in Heaven forgive them for they know not what the do" Luke 23:34 then walk away!!
12/14/2012 6:50:21 PM
Rob Aprato United States
Rob Aprato
I would like to say that God loves us so much that he has given us free will that He will not override.  However, some people use that free will to make choices that end up harming other peoople, but God will not override that free will that he has given to us.  He will keep us accountable for the choices that we make with our free will and He will not allow unjust deeds to go unpunished.  I am so sorry for the people that are caught up in this person's unjust actions, but I am so glad that God gives us free will so that we can willing choose to follow Him and not make us mindless robots.

I pray for those involved in the shooting that God will help them heal as quickly as possible.
12/14/2012 9:19:20 PM
Angela Bilderback United States
Angela Bilderback
Nobody has all the answers, but don't forget that as much as we hate to think about it, Satan is real and evil and is behind actions such as the one today. God is good and wonderful and loves us all and one day will win the battle between good and evil, but in the mean time Satan is still out there creating as much heartache and pain as he can. I already see so many people praying and turning to God who normally don't. Satan created this traumatizing event but God will work through others to help the families and friends who are hurting. ALL children go to Heaven and the parents of these children will most likely work hard to ensure that when they pass they will get to spend eternity with them.  Let's stop giving Satan so much power in this world and give all the power to God. Until then Satan will continue to do unspeakable deeds and God will be blamed for it, it's part of Satan's evil plan and we're letting him win.
12/15/2012 9:52:35 AM
mariah Moreno United States
mariah Moreno
where is God. well i believe fireflight stated it very well "He Weeps"
12/15/2012 10:38:07 AM
Ben Meneses United States
Ben Meneses
I loved Brant's response to Amber.  Non-rehearsed, impromptu,from the heart and profound. So somewhere along life's path of learning Brant was prepared for that moment, that question at that time.  God will raise up young men of faith with the Word at the right time: "I write to you, young men, because you are strong, and the word of God lives in you, and you have overcome the evil one." 1John 2:14
12/15/2012 11:50:45 AM
Matt United States
"Where is your nothing?"  A great response.  The challenge?- How to say it in love.
12/15/2012 3:39:51 PM
Gaston Mascarenas United States
Gaston Mascarenas
Listen to the FireFlight song "He Weeps" and therein will be found the answer.

12/15/2012 5:27:28 PM
dan United States
i belive that God has a plan for each of us we don't know what that is and he is bigger than anything we could possibley imagin.but he also allows satan to do certain things like in job,but it s all for his glory and we will understand it when we get to heaven.
12/16/2012 3:29:16 AM
Ruben Adony Dominican Republic
Ruben Adony
people decide, GOD knows everything, but the human being has a life, and that life is meant to be used. God give you life, and you used, if you allow evil take over of it, it is your decision. God built up the earth for living. We have the keys of our life, God just allows us to use it. No matter the way God is always there, we cannot say.. !"oh man 20 people day, God killed them....nooooo a man, a human being killed them. God is always God and no matter what happen we will always be GOD.
12/16/2012 3:40:56 AM
Ruben Adony Dominican Republic
Ruben Adony
people decide over their life , GOD knows everything, but the human being has its own life, and that life is meant to be used. God gave you life, and you use it  sometime without thinking about the results. if you allow evil take over of your, bad things will happens. it is your decision. God created the earth for living. We have the keys of our life,we have the remote control of this. God just allows us  using it. No matter what happen, the human being is responsible of its decisions  we cannot say.. !"oh man 20 people were killed,""WHERE IS GOD?  God killed them....nooooo man, a human being killed them. God gave you  life, take care of it. Use it , use it but giving him it. this is the best the decision for making.
12/17/2012 5:25:05 AM
karen United States
Fireflight answers this question in their song HE WEEPS!  Just like with Job, this too has its purpose and he weeps with us.  Now is not the time to ponder why God allowed this tragedy to happen, now is the time for revival, to come together as the family of God and weep with those hurting and pray for strength and healing through God's grace.
May God hold Sandy Hook families in his hands.
12/17/2012 7:37:06 AM
Robin United States
I think telling others that God is weeping along with us...not because He can't stop tragedies from happening, but because He gives us ALL the gift of free will...including this 20 yr old man. I didn't lose my child in this horrible act, but I imagine what it would be like...and then I remember that God knows exactly what it's like...he lost His Son to men just as heinous as the man who took these innocent lives.  There's nothing we go through on this planet that God hasn't been through Himself.

Unfortunately, I keep hearing (and even think it myself at times), "Where was God...", but I believe the more accurate statement is "If only He/She knew God..."

12/17/2012 8:53:26 PM
Amber United States
I was the Amber that called Brant. Lately, God has been such a presence reminding me that I am His child, even though I have strayed so far. My environment is not conducive to faith. Most of the people I know find me naive and foolish for believing in God. I know, often times, I am a terrible example of a person on God's path, but (largely thanks to Air1 and a random show of Brant and Sherry's) I have been striving to get back to God to show my friends who aren't believers what a difference He makes. I know that God is real and active in our lives. I know that He, better than anyone else, can understand the pain and anguish these parents are feeling at the sudden, and violent, loss of their child's life because He went through the same thing. But I don't know how to convey that to people who think they are too smart for God. I didn't want to say the wrong thing and drive more people away. I think Brant just made me feel that it is okay not to know the answer. That it is okay to wonder what this was for and it is okay to ask questions, and that it is okay for me not to know. That maybe just be admitting I don't know, by telling them the only thing I do know, which is God's love, protection, healing, comfort and justice is real, that that is enough. So thanks Brant and Sherry, and all of the Air 1 crew. May God bless you so much, and may he continue to give you words like this. God uses you to make a difference!
12/18/2012 10:05:07 AM
Angela Bilderback United States
Angela Bilderback
I know exactly how you feel Amber. I grew up in church and am so thankful that I was lucky to have that background and knowledge, because it is hard to find others who believe these days. I haven't always led a faith filled life and have strayed from God as well throughout the years. My husband, 5 children and I live in a very social neighborhood of people averaging in their 40's, most with children and almost every single one of these families bases their weekends and events on drinking. I do not live a perfect life and I do have an occasional drink, but our family is definitely the "odd ones" because we are not as socially "fun". We plan our weekends around our kids and our family while our neighbors all get together and drink and socialize. It's very hard trying to fit in so I completely understand when you say you environment is not conductive to faith.
I have a 3 year old, a 5 year old and a 6 year old (and two older children) and I am just absolutely sick when I think about what the families of the victims are going through right now. I just want to hug them all. A family member of mine posted a message recently talking about how sad she was over the shooting in CT. She went on to say that she then had a very vivid dream of the children who were victims, in Heaven smiling, laughing and surrounding Jesus.  It is comforting in all of this to know that every single one of those children are in Heaven without a clue as to what happened to them. They are happy and loved.
When you say that others think you are foolish and naive I can't help but laugh a little. I used to feel that way too. I am 40 and over the years I have come to realize that the people who DO NOT believe are the ones who are being foolish and naive. They are afraid...I believe it is just that simple. They are afraid to allow themselves to believe in something they cannot see. You are very  intelligent because you know how to allow yourself to believe in the things you cannot see and that is a very hard thing for humans to do...those that can do this have allowed themselves to open their minds. I believe this is why non-believers tend to be so nasty toward those who believe.
My father was 63 when he died of esophageal cancer this past summer. I sat at his bedside until the end and watched him and listened to some of the things he said. As he went in and out of consciousness he would say things about seeing his dad (my grandpa) in Heaven. He went to church his entire life but several months before he was diagnosed with cancer he was baptized and understood the full meaning behind it. He had always worked hard to love and believe in God, but had his doubts every now and then. As he was fading in and out at the end he would suddenly wake up very excited to tell my brother and I that Heaven was real and that he had talked to Jesus and that he needed us to know that so we could meet him in Heaven someday. He said there were angels in his bedroom and he seemed to be looking right at them. I could not see them but went with it and told the Angels and my dad that it was okay to go and that we would see him in Heaven. He passed away very shortly after. He died with a smile on his face. If I didn't believe enough before that, that moment sealed the deal for me. I will be seeing my dad and grandpa in Heaven again someday. Sorry for going on and on, but I just wanted to let you know that even though people around you don't believe don't let it damper your faith and don't feel that you are not smart because you love and believe in God. We all have had or will have experiences in life that show us what is true. It's just a matter of who is willing to accept what God is trying to tell them and who is going to ignore him and close their minds to him. You are far from foolish and naive. Good luck with everything!

Angela ~ Smile