Dec 05 2012
Plumb Has a New Gig!


We all know and love singer/songwriter Plumb for her hit song "Need You Now." Well, she has a new gig!  She is now a "blogger" as well as a Mom, wife, and rockstar!  Here's a taste:


"So…I’m writing a blog. I wouldn’t consider myself a ‘blogger’ but that I ‘have a blog’. So I hope you enjoy my banter and enjoy listening to my inner voice typed out for any to read. If anything…its therapy for me to just get these thoughts out…that way my husband and closest friends don’t have to listen to as much of my chatter. (trust me, they are incredible humans…and have had to get new sets of ears many times from them being talked off)" 

She goes on to write about her kids and the true meaning of Christmas.  I really enjoyed! It's a great read!  Can't wait for the next one!


Follow her blog HERE!


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