Oct 29 2012
Hurricane Sandy Crisis Map

You can find shelter, storm, and other information on this Google Map during Hurricane Sandy. 

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10/30/2012 7:13:29 PM
Jonathan Martin United States
Jonathan Martin
My Grandpa lives in New Jersey...he's okay tho. He doesn't live near the shore.
11/1/2012 2:37:59 PM
Em<3 United States
I'm praying for everyone there.... I hate when terror strikes, in any form Frown But then again, these are the situations where one can see all the good in the world, and in the hearts of everyone... Smile
11/3/2012 7:25:50 PM
Rebekah United States
We all prayed during teen Bible study for everyone there. God is meciful. <3
11/5/2012 2:43:37 AM
Zuki Kiwisami United States
Zuki Kiwisami
my friend lived there she didnt make it tho