Jul 23 2012
Fireflight "He Weeps" - Special Edition for Colorado Victims

Here's a special Air1 Remix of "Fireflight – He Weeps" for the victims of the Colorado shooting:

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7/23/2012 2:55:08 PM
Kamuela Kawika United States
Kamuela Kawika
Fireflight's "He Weeps", awesome!
7/23/2012 2:55:31 PM
Brihanna United States
My heart goes out to the greiving families involved. My heart broke when I found out what happened. I will be praying for the families that have lost loved ones.
7/23/2012 5:13:13 PM
Michael Hill United States
Michael Hill
Can we post this link to our facebook?
7/23/2012 5:18:04 PM
Eva United States
Lord be with them who were involved..
7/23/2012 5:39:43 PM
Angie United States
This song made my heart ache the first time I heard it.  It broke when I heard this remix.  I'm crying right now...

Pray for everyone touched by this.
7/23/2012 6:12:24 PM
Sydney United States
I had to pull over on the side of the road today because I was so touched by this. Thank you Fireflight for compiling such a beautifully tragic version of this song.
May God bless everyone.
7/23/2012 6:25:27 PM
Jen United States
This song brings me to tears, as well as all of those victims and their families. I'll be praying for them.
7/23/2012 6:41:49 PM
Ivett United States
Beautiful song remix i will be praying for them so much.
7/23/2012 7:41:52 PM
Mika United States
I burst into tears when I heard this. Has anyone heard about the 13 year old girl who tried to save her 6 year old friend while the chaos went on?? My prayers with the victims families and the victims themselves.
7/23/2012 8:05:38 PM
Samuel Jacob United States
Samuel Jacob
"He Weeps", truly faith filled and lovely!  I weep and anyone that has attended an evening to a movie theatre weeps.  Let us pray for the resurrection of each victim's soul, if God wishes He can choose to reverse this evil cycle of death today, tomorrow, this weekend, anytime.  Let us pray that the resurrection and the victory of life over death would change the tide of evil forever. On earth as is in Heaven.  May God Bless the souls we are praying for; let us pray that God weeps once more and chooses victory of life over death and for the return of the tragic faithful departed to rejoin their families and their loved ones.  With all our hearts we pray earnestly, Faith, Hope, and Love abides as we we seek God's divine healing and power.  We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father, Amen!
7/23/2012 9:48:20 PM
Vanessa United States
This song brings back memories of the Von Maur shooting in Omaha, NE for me. Although I was not in the mall I did see the police cars driving down to West Roads Mall. Sorry to say it never goes away, my heart goes out to every one in Colorado.
7/23/2012 10:00:06 PM
Emily United States
This is such a touching, sad song... Bless those poor souls! This incident is super sad and I weep with everyone who is mourning and during this song I weeped. May God bless America and everyone in this world! God Bless America!
7/24/2012 2:17:00 AM
kyla bentley United States
kyla bentley
I just love this song, the remix is amazing. I heard this on my way to work on Air1 and it just sent chills all over my body. This song is a great message to remember when people ask how could God allot this to happen. It reminds us how wonderful God really is, and that tragedy in our world does break his heart.
7/24/2012 8:11:41 AM
Dalton United States
This is one of the most trying times in the world. It's events like this that bring everyone closer to God. My prayers go out to all of the victims of the shooting.
7/24/2012 8:43:21 AM
kyle sullivan United States
kyle sullivan
Best song... When I first heard this song I cried the whole time
7/24/2012 9:38:46 AM
Annette United States
Living in Colorado, we have suffered great loss this summer.  Thank you for your prayers during the fires we encountered and now this senseless tragedy.  God is good and we may have lost lives, but the name of Jesus was proclaimed throughout the survivors and those that were lost, through their families.  Jesus is our light and many described a deep overwhelming darkness and said they felt God's hand.  Thank you for your outpouring of love for our state!
7/24/2012 10:40:45 AM
Cathy Green United States
Cathy Green
Heard it this morning for the 1st time, awesome song,   gave me chills ....  
7/24/2012 10:42:44 AM
Cathy Green United States
Cathy Green
also would like a link to post song to facebook...  yes touching awesome song... play again
God Bless you Fireflight!!
7/24/2012 10:44:18 AM
Donna Raagas United States
Donna Raagas
This is such a poignant reminder that God grieves the choices of evil men, just like we are.  He loves us so much and wants the best for His children.  We need to be the face of Jesus for others; love one another as He loves us, and love the unloved--which is not a popular or easy thing to do.  Who loved this shooter besides God? How can anyone who experiences God's love, through people, be moved to such evil?  If everybody truly showed God's love to even the ickiest, freakiest people in the world, could this sort of horror happen?  It's up to Christians to learn to love the way Jesus does, so we can show the world how to love.  
7/24/2012 12:12:25 PM
Logan United States
God Be With All The Victims
7/24/2012 3:51:24 PM
Brian Hays United States
Brian Hays
I tweeted about this song on twitter and I listen to this for the second time. It really breaks my heart because what happen in Aurora and this song meant that God weeps over Aurora. "For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.- John 3:16" For God loved the people in Aurora so much for that He cares, He loves, and he gave his One and only begotten Son, Jesus to them for strength and comfort.
7/24/2012 4:35:28 PM
Crystal United States
Is there any way you could make this so we can download it?
7/24/2012 7:41:34 PM
brooke United States
i agree with crystal i would love it if u could make this a song we could down load or buy as a ringtone.. this song brought me to tears when i heard it this morning for the first time.. my prayers go out to everyone and there families..
7/24/2012 8:46:25 PM
wendy United States
I second Crystal's motion.  I'd love to be able to download this!  God can take the most horrific things and make them into something good.  
7/25/2012 8:50:18 AM
.Lauren United States
I posted this mix on Facebook. Beautiful and so sad :'-(
7/25/2012 11:57:17 AM
Kelly United Kingdom
This story reached us in the UK and my heart broke. This remix is amazing and brought tears to my eyes. I'm praying for the grieving families and hope the people who were injured will get well soon.
7/25/2012 12:20:34 PM
Melanie United States
Amen!!!!! We can't help but just break when we hear/experience the storms that life throws even if it's the terror that one individual brings. But it's always nice to know that God is with and carrying us through the storm. Praying for everyone involved. A part of me wonders what would of happened if I was there and stood up to this guy and commanded that the demons left in Jesus name. I don't know if I would of had the strength to do that. But we do have that power through Jesus. I don't know if they would of fled and maybe no one of would of died then. What a testimony that would of been for God. Sadly that didn't happen.
7/25/2012 12:39:37 PM
sarah jorgenson United States
sarah jorgenson
this song makes me shiver and i wanted to cry nearly every time i listen to it
7/25/2012 2:16:31 PM
Shyanne Stinson United States
Shyanne Stinson
Love this song!! The first time i heard it i cried!! My thoughts and prayers go out to all the friends and family members of all of those who died!
7/26/2012 9:36:49 AM
Carson Stucky United States
Carson Stucky
i'm so sorry of dever
7/26/2012 10:05:45 AM
Panhead United States
This is exactly how i feel, thanks for posting this, and thanks for making it Fireflight
7/27/2012 10:16:56 AM
rachie United States
wow. this is very powerfull.