Jul 17 2012
Brant Hansen's Interview with Dr. Andrew

Brant talks about Islam, persecution, and the church with "Dr. Andrew", a man working in the Arab world to plant churches.


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7/17/2012 1:42:55 PM
Tami Willmann United States
Tami Willmann
I am so thankful for this interview, and for the opportunity to learn more about Islam from someone who really knows.  Dr. Andrew is so right in that Americans DO NOT know the truth about Islam--I myself began to learn about Islam, as a Christian, in order to be more supportive of a relative who became a muslim when she got married.  However, what I learned was SO VASTLY different from everything I had ever heard that I was shocked, and broken-hearted for her, and for others who do not know the difference between following Christ and following the teachings of Muhammed.  But especially, as my knowledge of Islam grows, my heart breaks for our country as we are being so incredibly misled as to the truth of this anything-but-peaceful religion, and we are allowing ourselves to continue in ignorance.  Please continue to teach your listeners about Islam.  Not so that we can HATE, but so that we can understand the urgency of sharing the love of Christ.
7/18/2012 9:21:25 AM
Tim United States
I cannot access the interview. There is a message that says cannot connect with soundcloud.
7/18/2012 9:23:53 AM
brant h United States
brant h
Tami, thanks for your thoughts on this.

And you're exactly right:  It's not about hating, or saying, "Look at our superior moral behavior!" or whatever.  It's understanding that the idea that "We're all saying the same thing!" couldn't be more wrong.

God loves Muslims, and the Koran does not tell them that.  He wants to know Muslims, but the Koran does not tell them that.  The Gospel is great news, or everyone, including people with "Christian"-versions of religiosity that tragically lead people to believe God's love is based on our behavior.
7/18/2012 12:35:20 PM
Kelly United Kingdom
Thanks for posting this. Even over here in England, people don't fully know the truth about Islam or Christianity for that matter, but more so about Islam. Even I learnt things I needed to. I love how upbeat Dr Andrew sounded throughout the whole interview and I hope the Gospel is spread through more of the Arab world so more people can come to know that God loves them.
7/19/2012 9:56:15 AM
Tia United States
That is amazing, I will send prayers and definitely financially support something as great as this when I get the means to lol It warms my heart to hear our fellow brothers in Christ fighting the good fight and staying encouraged under persecution, not everyone is called to be on the front lines but we all have a part, so the ones like us who already get to enjoy the religious freedoms that they are fighting for right now can pray for their safety and success Smile We are all connected and God puts a part of that success into our account when we get involved. So I guess I just wanted to say praise God and thank Him for His powerful work in these countries and cultures and that I will definitely support and pray. God bless
7/20/2012 12:37:28 PM
Alaa Anwar Egypt
Alaa Anwar
it was good for me to know how other people think of  (Muslims) or of (Islam).. it is not important if i agree with Dr.Andrew or disagree with him.. but i think it is useful to know how other people with other belief think of Islam
7/20/2012 12:39:07 PM
Tami Willmann United States
Tami Willmann
I have developed a general belief that American Christians are basically confused about Islam, and fearful--due to political correctness--to speak out against it.  As we are watching Islam grow here in our country, we are choosing to remain quiet as our friends and family convert, because we don't really understand the religion as a whole.  And sadly, the people that I know who DO speak out against it speak with hatred in their hearts (stemming from fear of the unknown), and with condemnation.  I cringe when I think about it, because I KNOW in my heart that Jesus would not go at it the same way I see so many doing it.  He simply said "Follow Me", and they did.  He gave us a choice.  The same is with Muslims--they are given a choice.  Attempting to force them to understand, and to change their views is exactly what Muhammed is telling the Muslims to do in the Quran--submit or die.  This is not the way Jesus did it, nor is it the way He would have us do it.  However, you can love the person and not agree with their choice of faith.  You can plant seeds with gentle, Christ-like faith without shoving it down someone's throat--and you are more likely to have a true conversion--allowing the person to have a real, beautiful and amazing relationship with Christ as opposed to just switching from one RELIGION to another.  The greatest difference between Christianity and Islam, IMO, is a deep, abiding and loving relationship with God--a two-way relationship in which you KNOW He is with you, and is blessing you.  Sadly, Muslims DON'T know...until they die, whether or not they are accepted...how could one live like that??  It's heartbreaking.  And it's the difference between faith and RELIGION.  Sadly, there are many  who callthemselves "Christians" who are stuck in this same situation, who may spend their entire lives doing what they THINK is RIGHT.  Religion is worthless.  Relationship is the saving grace, the truth path, and the only one that blesses you in the here and now as well as the ever after.
7/20/2012 12:51:08 PM
Tami Willmann United States
Tami Willmann
Brant, can you possible tell me (even email me privately) how I can learn more from Dr. Andrew?  And/or other folks like him?  Also, for those interested in this topic, I HIGHLY recommend the book by Mark A. Gabriel, PhD entitled "Jesus and Muhammed: Profound Differences and Surprising Similarities"  Not only does one learn about the culture, it simply compounds the beauty of a relationship with Christ, and more than ANYthing, helped me to understand that a person who really understands the differences could not possible convert to Muslim after having a true relationship with Christ.  It's absolutely profound and eye opening, and I recommend this book to all....