Jul 13 2012
Brant Hansen Extra-Special BONUS SHOW Special

Today:  A "real man", saving for yourself, and… Jesus Loves Jerry Sandusk


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7/14/2012 8:29:24 AM
wiserd United States
I used to love UFC, I got to believing GOD did not make us for beating each other up for money. Especially CHRISTians.
I think you should use what you have now, because we are never guaranteed tomorrow. GOD will provide for all your future needs.
7/14/2012 4:04:40 PM
Ryan United States
MMA in my opinion can be filled with many, many different types of individuals.  Each person being different in personality and fighting style.  I personally don't like watching MMA, but I will say that the discipline that comes along with and martial arts is the most important thing that is learned.  Not the "I can beat you up" thought, but the ability to defend someone if need be.  If someone IS in fact in MMA for the sheer pleasure of beating someone up, then they are bringing down what Martial Arts are actually about.  
7/14/2012 4:26:12 PM
Cody United States
I completely agree with both of you. Thx for posting. Martial arts are about discipline and respect, not beating each other up!
7/18/2012 11:58:53 AM
Julia Buendia United States
Julia Buendia
some poeple say you cant do it unless your are angry. i beg to differ. Isn't it a possibility that people do it because they just might (emphasis on the just might) have a God-given talent and passion for wrestling? just my opinion. Smile
7/18/2012 12:00:41 PM
Julia Buendia United States
Julia Buendia
but i also agree that it shouldnt be about taking pleasure about beating someone up.