Jul 16 2011
Bass Player Wanted!

The duo from Canada, Wakeup StarLight, are wanting to expand the band a little...which could include you:

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7/16/2011 2:10:02 PM
Lauren United States
That would be so stinkin kool! I can sing but I can't play the bass... Frown Oh well.
7/16/2011 4:15:50 PM
Nelli United States
how old do they have to be i have a friend that can play the bass and sing, but he's only 15. Can he join?
7/17/2011 6:14:27 AM
Lauren United States
Good question that i can not answer... (that's your cue Nikki!) Smile
7/17/2011 3:42:07 PM
Zoe United States
I could include me?! Even though I have no talent in any area but soccer, letters, and dance?! Boy do I feel loved!
7/17/2011 8:13:57 PM
Air1Nikki United States
Actually, I don't know either Lauren and Nelli. Definitely email the email address in the post above Smile
7/18/2011 10:36:41 AM
Lauren United States
Lol. alrighty. Smile
7/18/2011 2:47:48 PM
Gabe United States
Same here Lauren! I can sing and play electric but not bass. bummer lol!
7/18/2011 4:13:55 PM
Nelli United States
i shall email then.... Tong
7/19/2011 6:37:47 AM
Lauren.H United States
Lol. I emailed them but I doubt they'll respond.
Any1 is lucky if you get a response from famous people. Or bands for this matter.