Jun 20 2011
Jars of Clay Re-Imagined



Sometimes a remix of a song is very similar to the original. For Jars of Clay, their song "Forgive Me" was remixed to the point that it had to be given a new name--"Stay."


You can grab it for free right now right HERE or clicking on the pic.


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Comments (3) -

6/21/2011 6:56:43 AM
Lauren United States
Cool. Is it a good song?
And are you guys playing it on the radio?
I'll wannna listen to it b4 I download it.
6/21/2011 2:41:04 PM
Jacob United States
Jars of Clay is simply awesome. Smile

@Lauren you can listen to it by clicking on the pic.
6/22/2011 8:21:06 AM
Lauren United States
Oh ok. Thanks Smile