Jun 16 2011
3 Amazing Bands = 1 Amazing Fall Tour!

You may have heard them on Air1: Casting Crowns (Praise You in This Storm), Sanctus Real (Lead Me) & The Afters (Light Up the Sky). They’re putting together an amazing tour this fall, visiting 40 cities, including YOURS if you listen to Air1 in Phoenix, AZ, Roseville, CA, Amarillo, TX and many more!


They’re kicking off the “Come to the Well” tour in September & the brand new Casting Crowns album of the same name comes out in October. Click on the pic to find out more!



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Comments (3) -

6/16/2011 9:54:26 AM
Beth United States
Im going! I cant wait!!!! Im ssooo excited!!!
6/16/2011 5:04:07 PM
Moises Mexico
Lastima que no Pueda Cruzar alos Estados Unidos (Pues Vivo en Mexico) Pero que lo que hagan estas 3 bandas sean de bendicion para muchas vidas!

6/22/2011 8:35:16 AM
Lauren United States
I'm not a HUGE fan of either of these bands.
Is Lindsay McCaul any good?