Jun 14 2011
Casting Crowns video & free song!

Check out Casting Crowns' new video of Courageous, made for the movie of the same title that comes out in September. You can also get the song download for free on GodTube. Will you be watching the movie when it comes out?

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Comments (4) -

6/14/2011 1:15:42 PM
Gretchen United States
AMAZING song.  Sherwood Pictures is awesome... I want to see that movie.  
6/14/2011 4:31:19 PM
Starlight1313 United States
Awesome song. Cant wait for Casting Crowns new CD and the movie!
6/15/2011 2:27:57 AM
Mike United States
You bet i'll be catching that movie!
6/22/2011 8:47:57 AM
Lauren United States
Never heard of the movie but I've heard the song. It's really good.