Jun 02 2011
To Move Like MercyMe

Just because MercyMe put out a beautiful ballad like "I Can Only Imagine," it doesn't mean they don't have a funky side:

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6/2/2011 10:52:58 PM
Em United States
This is sooo hilarious! If you ever read Bart's tweets on a daily basis, this would seem normal to you. lol
6/2/2011 11:01:30 PM
Corina United States
this seriously out a smile on my face ! i loved it ! "Here With Me" <3 God bless you MercyMe

p.s. the lip-syncing is epic
6/3/2011 9:40:25 AM
I.Cat United States
6/3/2011 4:09:35 PM
kriss United States
i know this has nothing to do with this but anthem lights is AWESOME
6/5/2011 12:09:15 PM
Katie United States
If u like MercyMe and other nonchristian music, Look up "Cover Tune Grab Bag" on YOUTUBE. It's MercyMe singing songs wth their own twist
6/13/2011 11:53:43 AM
Gretchen United States
Hilarious!  You don't get this kind of stuff in concerts.  This is kinda off topic, but they were dancing like my dad.  LOL!