May 21 2011
Manafest Goes LIVE



We should state, Manafest is always Live when touring! We're talking about his new Live CD/DVD coming out June 7th:



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5/21/2011 7:08:08 PM
Gabe United States
Manafest is totally an awesome band, I would really like to see them in concert.


Was he like listening to the album recording while doing that cause he had an earbud in.
5/21/2011 10:15:21 PM
Eldra Canada
That's how the band keeps in time with each other, because they can't hear the other band members playing on stage. Everything's just too loud these days. They also double as ear plugs so they don't go absolutely deaf. That's sometimes why bands don't know that instruments or equipment aren't working properly. One time I saw Bluetree sing an entire song without the mic working properly. We couldn't even hear the lead singer!
5/22/2011 5:38:31 AM
Lauren United States
I LOVE this song!!!
Btw, I think that he was just singing along to the cd. I could hear the cd in the background. Other than that I think they're totally AWESOME!!!
I totally want to see them in concert. Smile
5/22/2011 3:17:22 PM
Chris Wintering United States
Chris Wintering
I hope Air 1 starts playing songs from this album on the radio soon, particularly "No Plan B." I wanna hear how that song sounds live! Anyone agree?
5/22/2011 8:33:29 PM
Gabe United States
@Eldra   LOL! that is hilarious that they didnt even no that the mike wasnt working! and it makes sense why they wear the earbuds

@Lauren   I didnt hear the cd, but wouldnt that give extra different vocals in the background that would make the audience wonder "why is there a double vocal lead part???" LOL,

@Chris   They are playing "no plan b" and Avalanche which are both good songs and if you would like to hear more of your favorite artists then join those of us who are signed up for air1 mixology and choose your favorite song!Smile

Also did anyone here like a robotic sounding vocal in the beginning of the film?
5/23/2011 3:00:57 PM
Edwin Subuyuj United States
Edwin Subuyuj
My favorite song by Manafest. Would want to see them live.