May 21 2011
1 Weekend, 1 CD, 1 Person Wins

Not everyone has the cash flow to buy new CDs always, but winning one--nice! That's what Anthem Lights is offering:

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5/21/2011 6:18:46 AM
Lauren United States
Hey guys I REALLY want your CD for a good reason that I think you'll like.Smile
1. When I go to concerts I hardly EVER get the chance to even say hello to one of my favorite artists. It rarely ever happens.
2. I LOVE you guys and your songs. Can't Shut Up is one of my favorite songs they play on Air1.
3.  I don't have the money right now to buy your awesome new CD!!!

So, if you guys could come and sign and give your CD. I would be eternally grateful!!!
Thanks for what you all do!!

       Your #1 fan,
5/21/2011 7:18:10 PM
Gabe United States
ANTHEM LIGHTS YOU GUYS ROCK!!  I Would love to get your cd here are reasons you should give it to me, hope these convince you.

1: Ive been trying to find it but I cant find it in any store near me without paying shiping.

2: I would most likely never get the chance to meet let alone see you in concert(we dont have many in Redmond Oregon) and have you autograph a cd that I would buy at concert

3: your song Cant shut up and Circles are my favorite songs EVER.

4: Love all the foods/drinks that you guys like

5: and (lol) I am the same height as Caleb

Hope this will convince you!

#1 fan Gabe
5/22/2011 9:20:49 AM
Sara United States
Hello, i hope that my words are moving and you would choose me as a winner. I want to start with i just recently started listening to christian music and trying to have a better relationship with God. Your music is moving and inspiring. I also do not have a christian english cd i believe with your cd i can help save the lives of my friends. i am not able to buy your cd because we don't have money like most families it would be an honor to own your cd. I hope you this will convince you thank you for your time and God Bless Smile

Sincerely, Sara
5/22/2011 8:35:00 PM
Gabe United States
Just for anyone who knows the answer...

this is where we tell them the reasons why. Right??
5/23/2011 9:22:40 AM
Gabe United States
Hey! I just was at the anthem lights web page and if you follow them on facebook you can get the song "Cant shut up" or you can enter your email address and get a free download of the song as well for those who don't have a facebook like me!Smile