May 19 2011
MercyMe's "Move"--Live!

A new addition to the lineup this week is "Move," a new one from the guys of MercyMe.

Here's a live performance of the song at the Rock and Worship Roadshow earlier this year:

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5/20/2011 4:16:36 AM
Mike United States
Great song!

Although I don't think that's actually a live performance. Of course, that's the video, but I think it was set to the album version of the song.

I own the song, and that video wasn't any different at all; it sounded like it was recorded in a studio.
5/20/2011 9:31:53 AM
Chris Wintering United States
Chris Wintering
Air 1, you gotta play this song more! I've only heard you play it once. Anyone out there agree?
5/20/2011 10:26:47 AM
I.Cat United States
I'll second that! ;]
5/20/2011 11:07:52 AM
Edwin Subuyuj United States
Edwin Subuyuj
Are you guys making the new music videos any more? I enjoy them and think you should make one for this Monday, if there's any new music added.
5/21/2011 2:33:28 AM
Mike United States
I second that, ES. I miss them!
5/22/2011 3:08:15 PM
Chris Wintering United States
Chris Wintering
Thanks, I.Cat! Will anybody else agree with us? C'mon, now. Don't let us stand alone.