Apr 26 2011
Skillet's Drummer, Jen Ledger...

Jen Ledger, drummer for the band Skillet, will be doing a special Sabian event on April 30th at Mark's Music Store in Brewer, ME.

Sounds like an awesome event to me! I love seeing a girl get crazy on the drums! It's rare to see that!

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4/26/2011 11:40:53 AM
AJ United States
4/26/2011 3:21:13 PM
Wish I lived near there! Frown
4/26/2011 3:50:20 PM
Graciela United States
4/26/2011 5:26:00 PM
Mark777 United States
That is so awesome, i cant wait to see him in person
4/26/2011 8:12:10 PM
Emilye United States
what are we talking about? if it is the top headline in bold, I might be able to go to that...
AIR 1 RULESSSS th radio world. did i mention this is awsome??? :]
4/27/2011 7:07:29 AM
Jeff Morgan United States
Jeff Morgan
Like Hfghrdg said, wish I lived near there!!  I have seen Skillet in concert twice in the Kansas City area, and they, along with Red, are my favorite to watch in concert.  They are funny, they love Jesus, and of course they will ROCK YOU SILLY!!!  Smile
4/27/2011 8:55:23 AM
athena United States
I LOVE SKILLET!!!!! and Jen! She rocks!!! I wish i lived closer... Tong Im in AZ not anywere near ME. Tong LOL!!! If your goin... Have funn!!!! xD
4/27/2011 5:23:42 PM
Amy United States
koolios! jen is an amazing drummer n has a reat voide. thats one way to multitask ;). u dont see girl drummers all that often let alone drummers that sing too. way 2 go, jen!
4/27/2011 7:42:52 PM
Adrian United States
Cool! She plays Sabian. Me too!