Apr 22 2011
Manic Drive in a Disney Film?

Well...maybe not an actual Disney film, but we can all pretend. haha

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4/22/2011 8:47:36 AM
Heidi United States
Air1 and Manic Drive,
When I saw this video, it made me laugh so hard! My older sister will really enjoy this! God bless y'all!
4/22/2011 9:05:03 AM
Robin United States
I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as we did! haha
4/22/2011 6:31:10 PM
Rachel United States
That video is totally amazing. I love it.
4/22/2011 10:48:22 PM
Lexy United States
Manic Drive's videos always crack me up but this one is by far the funniest. I think Disney really should wish they had made this film!
4/23/2011 10:43:52 PM
Edwin Subuyuj United States
Edwin Subuyuj
I hope we get a sequel and than the third part in 3D.
4/24/2011 11:51:36 AM
Sam Canada
that was awesome and if they really were in toronto thats a few hours from me! So cool