Mar 24 2011
Video: Show Choir and Skillet!

To be able to pull off Skillet's song "Awake & Alive" is a pretty hard task, especially for a huge ensemble!

Yet, a Show Choir from Pella H.S. in Iowa did just that:


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3/24/2011 10:14:03 AM
Becca J United States
Becca J
VERY impressive!!! The violin soloist is great too!
3/24/2011 11:24:23 AM
Meg United States
That is absolutely retarded! Why? What has the world gotten to?
3/24/2011 11:39:28 AM
Mike United States
That's amazing! They did it all perfectly! It flowed with their music and moves perfectly. Thank you for finding this. I'd want to see more of these if you can find them.
3/24/2011 7:56:37 PM
Pau Costa Rica
3/25/2011 8:51:35 AM
Jeremiah United States
Nice but the male singer is not the best
3/25/2011 5:43:58 PM
Adam Collings Australia
Adam Collings
Sorry. I don't get it.
3/25/2011 5:45:04 PM
Adam Collings Australia
Adam Collings
Oops, my above comment was intended for a different article. I thought this was awesome.
3/26/2011 9:27:56 AM
Amy United States
ummm....its ok. heres some things i think could improve this:
1. wear black (the colors they had on just didnt do too much for me)
2. get a guy with a deeper voice
3. get a girl with a little higher voice
4. get a cellist(if they did have one, i didnt hear it)

all that put aside, they did a decent job.
Im now gonna go listen to the original track ;)

(sorry if I offended anyone, but hey, i can be a bit of a critic sometimes. besides, no one has to agree with me)
3/28/2011 11:26:58 PM
Sharon Gonzalez <3 United States
Sharon Gonzalez <3
this is great keep ddoing more