Mar 24 2011
Skillet "Monster" Remixed

Ohhhhh SNAP! This is good, Skillet, this is good.

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3/24/2011 11:00:55 AM
stephen hargraves United States
stephen hargraves
i have the same skull painted custom on the interior ceiling of a 95 honda civic located at pay cash in port acres texas.. it was done un intetionally but it matchs exactly.. its green and is signed under Rock On Inc. its a local thing here.. u guys rock. keep it up.  

             stevo aka stephen acts 7
3/24/2011 2:48:39 PM
BILL United States
Give me the original any day I love the hardness of it just not the same.
3/24/2011 4:47:49 PM
Rhonda United States
I agree with Bill.  The original is much better IMO!
3/24/2011 5:32:27 PM
Brittany United States
The entire Remix album is amazing.  I especially like the remix of Hero.  Yeah the originals are better but these remixes bring new life to the song.  Skillet wins.  Always Smile
3/24/2011 5:33:23 PM
Amy United States
i think its ok, but i too agree with Bill.  you cant beat the original
3/24/2011 7:41:25 PM
John Ukraine
This is one epic remix!! Skillet rocks!!!!!
3/24/2011 11:38:59 PM
Rory United States
I have to agree with Bill, Rhonda and Amy. The rawness of the original is what has resonated within my life. This version just doesn't do it for me.

Now I will go back to caging up the monsters in my life. Wink
3/25/2011 12:02:42 AM
Doug Kiel Korea
Doug Kiel
I didn't get to see any video to go with it like I was promised.  I also agree with Bill and Amy for the hardness of the original.
3/25/2011 2:55:56 AM
T United States
the original is better, you can hardly call this a song. its more like a techno dance track
3/25/2011 2:57:11 AM
T United States
it needed all the lyrics
3/25/2011 8:43:01 AM
Jeremiah United States
Love the new one but i still love the original most. I have never been a big fan or remixs
3/25/2011 8:44:03 AM
Jeremiah United States
also this song sounds like Korey and ben just took the orignal song got out the keyboard and used audacity to make a new sound and Jen sangsome for it
3/25/2011 9:29:36 AM
die hard skillet fan United States
die hard skillet fan
<3 the song but I do like the original better Smile The original has the rocky lyrics and style that Skillet is famous for
3/25/2011 9:30:57 AM
skillet lover United States
skillet lover
pretty good. <3 the original better though
3/25/2011 5:46:39 PM
Adam Collings Australia
Adam Collings
Sorry. I don't get it.
3/25/2011 6:52:10 PM
Amy United States
  some remixes are really good. others are really bad. some people are gonna like this one. others will stay with the hard-rock original. i think this one is ok (gotta give Skillet credit for givin it their all, right?), but lemme be honest: i like hard rock music, but dont like the message that a lot of the bands put in their songs.
  i like Skillet because they have hard rock music with a positive message. mess around with that too much, and u lose that hardness. i think this is what happened here. this is my opinion n u guys dont have to agree with me. think whatever you want
3/27/2011 8:40:05 PM
Ron United States
Air 1 play hard version of monster by skillet and add group 1 crew please dont let me go also silverline voices in the night Remedy drive Guide you home lecrae background tripp lee superstar Smile
3/28/2011 11:29:36 PM
Sharon Gonzalez <3 United States
Sharon Gonzalez <3
oh my gosh this great i have to hear the rest of their album