Mar 17 2011
Mix Coldplay + Third Day and you get...

If you mix a little bit of Coldplay + a splash of Third Day, you get a band like Cloverton!

They're new to Air 1 ... see if you like 'em!

If you liked what you saw & heard, get a Free Download of Cloverton's new Air 1 Hit, "Take Me Into the Beautiful!"

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3/17/2011 12:06:09 PM
CATBIRD United States
I like what I hear! At times they sound so much like Third Day, it's kinda creepy. Thanks for adding them to the playlist!
3/17/2011 12:09:26 PM
Laura United States
3/17/2011 12:37:20 PM
patti United States
Love to hear Cloverton on the radio!
3/17/2011 7:42:42 PM
Christine United States
I agree on the Third Day, but I think they sound a little more like Leeland!
3/17/2011 10:29:05 PM
Amy United States
I am loving that song on Air 1!
3/18/2011 8:38:31 PM
Gabe Olson United States
Gabe Olson
Really like their sound. Lyrics are great too!
3/22/2011 10:28:16 PM
Andrew United States
I can't stop listening to their song...
3/24/2011 7:36:29 PM
Shari United States
They have a unique sound. You really hear their heart for God. Thanks for playing!
3/26/2011 5:40:27 PM
Jessica United States
They also sound a tad like Eli in parts. From way back in the day... heehee!