Mar 17 2011
Jamie Grace--"Hold Me" Live

It's just one girl and one guitar! Here's Jamie Grace performing "Hold Me" live:


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3/18/2011 9:19:28 AM
Air 1 Coppelia United States
Air 1 Coppelia
I love this! What a great little live video! I wanna be there in the studio singing with you, Jamie! Smile
3/18/2011 9:37:53 AM
Gabe United States
This is totally awesome! I love this song and I love also the way Tobymac helped her out on this song, this is probably my favorite song on air1 I just wish that it was played more!Smile I'm looking forward to hearing more songs by Jamie Grace.
Keep up the good work!
3/18/2011 11:04:23 AM
Graciela United States
I love Jamie Grace. She is so talented and awesome. TobyMac picked an awesome new artist! Smile
3/18/2011 11:37:49 AM
I.Cat United States
Shes just as good live as she is on the radio! :]
3/18/2011 12:58:37 PM
Edwin Subuyuj United States
Edwin Subuyuj
Amazing, She was discovered by Toby Mac via Youtube

Love the acoustic version.  
3/20/2011 6:44:10 PM
Chelsie Jackson United States
Chelsie Jackson
I love this, not only can you tell how much passion she has for music, but you can tell she's singing it to and for God, Every time I hear this song on the radio it feels like God is giving me a big hug, I can't help but smile, people driving next to me probably think I'm crazy haha Smile
3/21/2011 9:03:17 PM
Blanca United States
I saw Jamie Grace at the Revolve Tour in Phx, AZ and she rocked it....I Love the song Revolving that she sang it was awesome...she's so talented..:p
3/23/2011 9:34:12 PM
Gloria United States
so Awesome!!! wow i actually like this better than the recorded version of the song! Smile