Mar 07 2011
Video: New Music with Skillet

For this weeks New Music video, we've decided to step back and let John Cooper from Skillet explain the song "Lucy" (heads-up, abortion is discussed).


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3/7/2011 7:27:14 AM
Always RightorWrong
Always RightorWrong
hmmmm... I probably should watch the video b4 I comment... ;)
3/7/2011 7:27:42 AM
Always RightorWrong
Always RightorWrong
can you tell I'm bored?
3/7/2011 7:29:57 AM
Always RightorWrong
Always RightorWrong
LOL! Coppelia, I have more comments than you..Haha...Yea, I need to get a life...
3/7/2011 9:03:08 AM
Clint United States
I love the song. I've always wondered what the story was behind it. This answered all my questions. When I listened to the song again after hearing John explain it, it brought tears to my eyes. Makes me want to run home and wrap my kids up in my arms.

St. Paul, MN
3/7/2011 9:30:27 AM
Mike United States
Ditto what Clint said. I love the song, and I got very close to crying. The only complaint I have is that I wish John Cooper would be more bold and call premarital sex and abortion sins.
3/7/2011 9:40:18 AM
Ashley United States
i just heard the song for the first time and came to tears. love the song
3/7/2011 9:44:39 AM
Always RightorWrong
Always RightorWrong
I loved tht song, but I cried through the entire song because my sister died and this just brought back memories.
3/7/2011 2:13:26 PM
Edwin Subuyuj United States
Edwin Subuyuj
Great Song.
3/7/2011 9:28:00 PM
Paula United States
Thank you skillet for taking a stand! I do agree with Mike, it's not just a "procedure". While John didn't call it by it's name, I still very much applaud the band's choice to shine a light on the pain that is left behind by abortion.
We are so blessed to have such a merciful God that forgives even the worst of sins.
3/8/2011 5:54:14 AM
Always RightorWrong
Always RightorWrong
3/8/2011 9:53:48 PM
Ryan Korea
So great to finally hear the story behind the song. Thank you Skillet for sharing this awesome song with us and thank you Air1 for bringing us the story behind it.
3/14/2011 8:05:34 PM
Elissa United States
I have to agree with Mike, but I'm still glad to see the stand Skillet takes. Now that I know the meaning of the song, it's going to make me cry, I'm sure. Very beautiful and hopeful, however. Haven't heard on the radio yet, please play it more Air1!
3/17/2011 2:57:02 PM
Always RightorWrong
Always RightorWrong
Skillet was very bold in what they said because not many bands will go as far as to say the consequences of pre-marital sex.