Feb 15 2011
Video: New Music with Nikki

Nikki at Night here talking New Music for this week--A new one from Chris August, plus a new artist, Luminate:


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2/15/2011 5:23:48 AM
Mike United States
Both of those songs are really great! Oh, and just a quick tip to Nikki for when she's talking about Chris August's song on the radio, I'm pretty sure it's pronounced "seven times seventy", not "seven by seventy". But I could be wrong. Keep up the great work and great music!!
2/15/2011 11:51:36 AM
Air1Nikki United States
Mike, thank you for catching the pronunciation mess-up! Added a couple of thought bubbles to the video to correct myself Smile Blessings and Peace and thanks for your comment!!
2/15/2011 8:17:23 PM
Chloe United States
So glad you guys added Luminate's song! They are one of my favorite bands and Healing in Your Arms is one of my favorites by them.
2/16/2011 1:25:47 PM
Edwin Subuyuj United States
Edwin Subuyuj
Its always great to hear a new artist. I am enjoying both of the songs.
2/16/2011 9:10:26 PM
Gloria United States
luvin this new way of announcing new songs! Laughing  that clip frm Luminate sounds pretty sweet nd my mom luvs Chris August, so thx 4 that song too. Smile
2/18/2011 11:26:02 AM
Rachel Evans United States
Rachel Evans
Luminate sounds AWESOME! I hope you guys play them again soon! Love there music!!!