Jan 21 2011
The Food Stamp Challenge

If you've had to live on a Food Stamp budget, you know what it's all about. It can be very hard to eat healthy food on roughly $3 a day--for your whole family.

I can't begin to imagine how much harder it must be to take care of your health, especially if someone in the family has special dietary needs, like diabetes, heart disease or allergies.

People are taking the Food Stamp Challenge to understand exactly how hard it is to make things work with that kind of budget. And the more we know, the more willing we'll be to help!

Click to find out more...and see if you wanna take the Food Stamp Challenge, too!

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1/21/2011 12:30:30 PM
andrea ashby United States
andrea ashby
My family is currently on food stamps. We get $200 a month, with 2 adults and 2 kids, 7 & 5, it never lasts the whole month so we are forced to go the food bank once a month as well as get food stamps.
And on top of that, Andrew has Type 1 diabetes so buying healthy food for him is hardly an option on such a low amount of money each month.
It's hard. We buy only the necessities. Never eat out, never let our left over go to waste either! Hopefully we will be able to get off food stamps one day and be able to give back to the community food bank for other people who will be needing it.
1/21/2011 12:54:45 PM
Laura United States
I was listening to you talk about this oon the radio.  I'm a single mom who lives in the lines of making too much money for food stamps and not enough money for food.  I have a weight problem because of thyroid, but I can't afford to puchase "good" food.  I was encouraged to join a christian weight loss program through friends at church, but the stuff you have to eat is too expensive for me.  People who have not been there don't understand that there's not a choice.  I either buy more cheap inexpensive items that last for a longer amount of time or spend the same amount on one meal.  What some spend in a week on groceries I spend in a month on groceries AND household needs (laundry soap, bath soap, etc).  Someone I know, who is a single mom, has the same number of people in the household gets more in food stamps in one month then I get to spend on food for 2 or 3 months.  I have a friend that gave us meat a few weeks ago and I got a ham from a cowboy church for christmas, besides that, I had not bought meat in months.  
It's hard out here.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not wanting anyone to feel sorry for us, I'm just saying there are people on foodstamps that eat better then some of us fighting to work and make ends meet.  I understand, some have lost their jobs and have no other choice.  I've been there too.  It stinks for sure!!
1/21/2011 1:09:51 PM
Air1Coppelia United States
This might be helpful for those trying to eat healthy...on a budget!
1/21/2011 6:32:46 PM
Thursia M. Padilla United States
Thursia M. Padilla
One of the toughest things is hunger. I see the faces and lives a lot. Been there in my life. I have a resource for you. It is for anyone that likes to eat! You do not have to fill out forms or qualify. I have been in Angel Food Ministries for 12 yrs. and Glory to God - how my life has been touched.(and my fridge/freezer filled) Angel Food accepts food stamps, cash, cc and debit cards. One thing I hear is that ordering at the beginning of the month - stamps run out - and u still have food coming in..
No limits, the $31. box feeds a family of 4 for a week(according to yr eating habits) Go to www.angelfoodministries.com and check it out. Put yr zipcode in to find yr closest host site. Make sure they are still active. It is a lot of work, dedication on the host site part-But oh so much worth it! If we all order AF - the ripple effect will wipe out hunger! Each box purchased puts $1.00 back to the host site - this money is used to buy boxes to give away. There are so many hungery elderly and children..this should not be and will not be if folks use AF in their community.This is a way for everyone to save on groc.- not just the ones struggling. Buy a box and give it away - Do You see the hurting, hungry? Take them a box, be part of the Blessing!
1/22/2011 1:13:57 AM
Tania United States
My mom and I had to go on food stamps for a couple of months last year.  We were eligible for $200 per month in benefits.  This may seem like a lot for two people, but you really have to consider where we live.  We live about 40 miles east of Los Angeles.  Food prices are astronomical here.  I will admit, though, we did manage to eat better in that two months that we had the rest of the year.  We've had money problems beyond our control since late '09, and by last January, I was down to one meal (~300 calories) per day.  We are doing marginally better financially, enough so that we are no longer eligible for food stamps, but not enough to eat healthfully.  We're just doing the best we can.
1/24/2011 9:27:20 AM
Laci United States
Im a single mother on food stamps. They are a great blessing because with out them my 18 month old daughter would have had to go without diapers or milk once in a while because we dont always have the gas to get to a food bank. Im very thankful for the Lord providing for us, no matter how bad it seemed. Now that I finally found a job that allows me to be a mother and work, I will get my food stamps cut back a lot. Sometimes I dont understand why they give so much to those who dont have jobs or help themselves, however when you are helping yourself but hardly getting by you dont "qualify" for much. Kinda frustrating but I guess thats why God gives us such amazing church families to help those who help themselves! Smile
1/24/2011 11:07:04 AM
Jess United States
I was laid off last year and receiving food stamps. For the first month I received $200. After that, $16 a month. They actually told me I make too much money on unemployment, even though it comes to about $5/hour. It's insulting to get $16...it definitely doesn't cover me for a month and so bills get ignored or deferred. At least I am receiving unemployment...I have known others who haven't been so lucky.
1/24/2011 7:57:42 PM
Marina United States
I live in south CA.I am a single female working my way to finishing college. I get no help from any one. I pay for school, rent, bills, and go with out when I run out of money. I can not even be on food stamp because I make to much money. Which I do not. I made $10 and ONLY work 24hrs a week.That is do to my boss cutting hrs to save money! I take the bus or walk every where I go. So someone complaining that they only get $3 doller a day for food. Gets me so mad!! I wish they would help working students like me out. Plus I see what people spend the food stamps on @ the local liqour store and its NOT FOOD! Plus where I work I know of a customer that gets $600 FS and he sells them and goes to buy cigs. and beer. I have tried 3 times to get on FS and I have been rejected every time. The females that have interviewed me look at me like I doing someting wrong asking for assistance from the county. Then I see all the people that are in middle or high scool pregnet or a baby in their arms. I like tell them yes get pregnet and you will get all the help you need for free.    
1/27/2011 2:00:41 AM
J United States
Marina I'm disabled and on foodstamps because I can barely keep my medications straight without help much less work (I suffer from PTSD among other disorders & for years I was without medical care & my teeth are so bad they are cracking & falling out of my mouth, I was afraid to ask for help because I didnt want to

Trust me I was on food stamps as a kid, I had rickets & my mom had to cut her food amounts to afford foods that gave me calcium when I was allergic to so much & had so many health problems.
My mom went to bed hungry because she wanted to keep three daughters alive & as healthy, my foot is deformed anyway. My father refused to give child support when

I'm not saying it for sympathy, I'm saying it because to you 3.00 is so much to me it was watching my already anorexic mother give up food so we could live because my father was abusive & she ran from him.
So don't judge & get angry when you don't know what their life is like. Anger doesnt help your faith. Trust me it took me years to stop hating my father. I kept being divided from God because of that anger & I got angry because of the struggles I went through. Maybe instead of being angry because it seems ubfair you should try to remember  
God will give you what you need if you rely on Him
& stop looking at those who seem to have more.
My mom is taking care of me, which is not something I wanted my life to turn to, I wanted to  
be so much, instead I'm on food stamps & my sister's on unemployment because she got laid off & my mom is working full time while sick to keep us going. I give my food to my mom alot now because shes still very anorexic & I'd rather see her healthy since I'm already sick, & I doubt a little malnutrtion will do much worse. she doesn't know how often I make a recipe for myself & "mess it up" on purpose & say its too heavy or salty for me & does she want it when I really make it specifically for her & I eat a sandwich or a yogurt for dinner instead some night because technically I can't give my food stamp food to her but she's paid everything for years before I finally got food stamps & medical care.

Lots of people struggle. Maybe you need to seek out help from a food pantry to help stretch your budget. God bless you.