Jan 20 2011
Mandisa interview - Listen online

Check out my interview with Mandisa--hear about her new album, her struggle with food addiction, and how God has rescued her!

Mandisa on her addiction to food 

Mandisa on her new album and on tour 

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1/22/2011 2:57:37 AM
RainbowWriter Finland
Mandisa is absolutely amazing. I'm so looking forward to that album! I just found her music last summer and I already bought her 2 previous albums. It sounds great that she'll bring on something different than her first ones, but I still hope she won't become a gospel singer turned into a rock artist. I'm glad she still hasn't forgotten her positivity. I love that and her strength. Pity until now she hasn't won a Grammy though she's definitely worth it. That's also a pity that until now she has toured only in the US, but I'd like to see her live.