Jan 17 2011
New Music from Jars of Clay & Francesca Battistelli

Click on the pics to find out more about the newest additions to the Air 1 playlist today:


Jars of Clay "Shelter" from their latest album, "The Shelter."




Francesca Battistelli "This is the Stuff" from her upcoming album, Hundred More Years, that comes out March 1, 2011!


Be listening to Air 1...then tell us what you think about the music! Check out Air 1 Mixology, and be a part of the team that's helping us put together the Air 1 playlist.

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Comments (6) -

1/17/2011 2:17:16 PM
Kaitlyn United States
YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That Jars Album is amazing and I've been waiting for you guys to start playing something, great choice of song too Laughing
1/17/2011 3:00:32 PM
Jane United States
This song is so gteat, it is
a reminder how we need each other.Put it on your play list,please. Loving Air 1
1/17/2011 3:08:04 PM
Jane United States
Sorry that was, the song is great. lol better put on my glasses.
1/17/2011 6:29:29 PM
William Xil Guatemala
William Xil
I like "Shelter" of Jars of Clay. Air1 is really updated Smile
1/17/2011 9:31:28 PM
Edwin Subuyuj United States
Edwin Subuyuj
This is the Stuff is one of my new favorite songs. She is amazing

Jar's New song is awesome.

I wish Air1 could play What Love Really Means by JJ Heller. She is an amazing artist with an amazing message.
1/21/2011 12:54:31 PM
Gloria United States
kewl new music! i was waitin 4 sum new songs! This is the stuff is a funky lil tune, which is why i lyk it!! Laughing