Jan 12 2011
Manafest and Aaron Gillespie--New Music

Aaron Gillespie "We Were Made For You"

Lead singer of The Almost, Aaron Gillespie, has been working on a solo project "Anthem Song" (3/11). This is the first single from it!



Manafest "No Plan B"

Manafest (aka Chris Greenwood) has started the New Year with a new tour going on right now. Plus, he was just recently added to both Creation Fest East and West!<-->

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Comments (5) -

1/13/2011 10:08:24 AM
Kaitlyn United States
I love the song from Aaron, he's such a talented person and hearing something so pure and beautiful from him is awesome! Love it!

However i don't like the manifast song but that's just me cuz I don't like rap so yeah Tong
1/13/2011 10:29:35 AM
Nathan United States
What did you do to Manifest's song? It is completely different than the album song and sounds terrible now.
1/13/2011 7:28:19 PM
Sam United States
I agree the album version sounds better, but I still like the Manafest song.
1/14/2011 9:07:40 PM
Carri United States
I love Manifest and No Plan B!  Thanks for playing this, Air1.  
1/21/2011 1:07:04 PM
Gloria United States
Both songs r soooooooooooo awesome!!! even my dad iz really into dda Manafest song! n my mom lyks aaron gillespie's. Smile