Nov 30 2010
Help End Slavery This Christmas

TobyMac, The Wrecking, Third Day, Relient K, Sanctus Real, Jars of Clay, Tenth Avenue North...


The list of artists goes on and on, and they're all joining IJM, the International Justice Mission, to help end slavery.

Click the pic to find out more about their "Freedom" project and how for $5 you could give someone a great Christmas gift...and help end slavery.

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11/30/2010 10:18:54 PM
Debbie Wells United States
Debbie Wells
My 9 yr old recently had to pick a subject from the theme "Together We Can.." and he finished it by saying, Together We Can stop slavery.  He continued the subject by adding Human Trafficking.  I was astonished by his insight to something that I had no idea he had in his head, realizing now, as I am hearing more and more about the subject that it had to be the Holy Spirit speaking to him.  He took a photo and drew a picture on the subject, the photo didn't win, the picture won at his school and will go onto a state judging... I am going to show him this posting that you have put on here, so he realizes it was God speaking to him...
12/4/2010 7:25:01 PM
Matt United States
I was in a bookstore picking up boxes for Operation Christmas Child when I just happened to notice the album last October. I bought it because of the artists featured and my previous knowledge of IJM.  This is a great compilation CD; so many of the songs are so powerful.  Obviously buying the record won't stop slavery and trafficking, but it's a great reminder that this is going on and to stop and pray as well as spread the message and begin to think about what you can do.