Nov 23 2010
VIDEO from Africa

Would you like to help give an orphan a Thanksgiving? Please join us today as we partner with Church Buiders Africa to build churches and church orphanges in Africa. To save an orphan call 800-318-1832 ov visit Air1


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11/23/2010 9:33:42 AM
Karen Black United States
Karen Black
My 6 year old son donated his hard earned chore money in the amount of 100$ to help the kids in Africa He tried to call the station to tell Sean and Mandy to tell the kids in america to give up their allowance for one week to help these kids in need.  He is a preacher in the making.. Justus loves listening to your station and sings every song.
11/23/2010 4:40:37 PM
Kola United States
ohh i wish this page had a facebook share link