Nov 06 2010
Veteran's Day Freebies!

Veteran's day is coming up this Thursday, November 11th!

If you know a veteran or active duty military personnel, feel free to share these freebies as a special way to honor and thank them for their service to our country!

The freebies include Applebee's, Chili's, Subway, Outback and more. Plus, admission to National Parks is free for everyone on November 11th.

Enjoy celebrating those who fight for our freedom. We love you and thank you!

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11/8/2010 8:11:35 PM
Amy United States
I love the fact that these places are doing this. a few members of my family and even at least one of my ancestors have been in the military. its just heartwarming to see this
11/9/2010 8:49:39 AM
Cindy United States
That's very cool.  The majority of my family members are war veterans.  I can't name them all off, but I'm sure they'd really appreciate this.  Thanks.  
11/10/2010 7:01:06 PM
Dennis Marshall United States
Dennis Marshall
It is so nice to know that our country backs their soldiers even in this tough, struggling economy. I know I speak for myself and all my fellow veterans, when I say, "Thank you American for your glorious support!"