Nov 01 2010
New Air 1 Hits!

Happy Monday! Happy November! And Happy...New Air 1 Hits day!

Every Monday we let you know what's new on the Air 1 playlist. Check these out!

Fireflight "What I've Overcome" from their album For Those Who Wait

***They've been having a blast on the For Those Who Wait Tour with Group1Crew and Manic Drive!



Ryan Stevenson "Yesterday, Today, Forever" from the album Undiscovered

***If you're looking for Ryan's music, click on his pic!



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Comments (37) -

11/1/2010 9:57:38 AM
Heidi Wilson United States
Heidi Wilson
Please play the new song Yesterday Today Forever! I'm enjoying this fresh new sound!!
11/1/2010 10:01:50 AM
Chris United States
That's a cool song. Want to hear it more, as well as more like it.
11/1/2010 12:01:11 PM
Rob United States
Love Ryan Stevenson's music!  Heard him at the God and Country festival last summer...GREAT energy!
11/1/2010 12:08:37 PM
Charlie Bennett United States
Charlie Bennett
Great song, please keep it in the mix!
11/1/2010 12:52:06 PM
Eric Wilson United States
Eric Wilson
Unbelievable! Please keep this song on air1 and play more this guy rocks!!!!! God Bless you Ryan!
11/1/2010 1:22:27 PM
Mandy Barnes United States
Mandy Barnes
Please keep playing Ryan Stevenson's music. He's like nothing I've ever heard!!!
11/1/2010 1:38:01 PM
Jeremy Wilson United States
Jeremy Wilson
What a fun and powerful worship song!  I love this new sound...please keep this song Yesterday, Today, Forever Spinning...God Bless you Ryan and keep putting out more of this great music!
11/1/2010 2:07:20 PM
Idahopotatoes United States
Loved 'Yesterday, Today. Forever'!!! Totally God Inspired Worship Music...can't wait to hear it more!
11/1/2010 2:43:20 PM
Janay Hess United States
Janay Hess
Love the song. Its Awesome. Please keep playing his music. Also He has a few other songs that are just as good as yesterday on this album.
11/1/2010 2:48:35 PM
VDub United States
I like both new songs!!!
11/1/2010 2:56:33 PM
Dustin United States
Love "yesterday, today, forever!"

11/1/2010 3:06:01 PM
boss-bart United States
great song! great message! fresh vibe for this generation and culture! Would love to hear more from Ryan
11/1/2010 5:55:06 PM
Borgy121 United States
Love both of these songs! Fireflight has put out some good music in the past and keep up the expectations. This up and coming new artist Ryan Stevenson has a great sounds to his music. Worship with a little rock and roll thrown in and i love , Keep playing both of them!!!
11/1/2010 7:08:09 PM
Jerry United States
Absolutely love the new song by Ryan Stevenson...a great reminder that God is the same God yesterday, today and forever!  Blessings to you and your music Ryan!!!  KEEP THIS SONG SPINNING!!!
11/1/2010 8:03:14 PM
BrendaBlue United States
This is such a great song with a powerful word of God behind it. Ryan is not the typical Christian guy; his look, song, and personality makes you feel like you are his friend even if you have never met him. Please keep playing his songs!
11/1/2010 8:04:10 PM
Michele United States
Love the new music from Ryan! What a refreshing new sound. Would like to hear more of his music.
11/1/2010 9:13:31 PM
Liz Van Winkle United States
Liz Van Winkle
WOW, What an awesome song by Ryan Stevenson. Keep playing his music.  He is such an inspiration. LOVE IT!!!!
11/2/2010 6:41:03 AM
Donny-D United States
awesome song! I Love this! just something different about this, in a great way! This is the new wave of worship music! I think this is what this generation needs! Go Ryan!!!  
11/2/2010 7:03:12 AM
Bob Hiebert United States
Bob Hiebert
Ryan's song is strong.  Lots of energy and I love the Truth being set to music.
11/2/2010 8:12:15 AM United States
love the new song by Circleslide "Looking Up" one of my favorite new songs , thank you for playing it.
11/2/2010 8:30:07 AM
Tanya Heilman United States
Tanya Heilman
11/2/2010 9:03:44 AM
Joy Grace United States
Joy Grace
Love it!!!!!! Ryan's sound is unique and beautiful.
11/2/2010 9:08:48 AM
ron schmitz United States
ron schmitz
love both of these songs keep adding dance techno beat worship stuff to the mix and expand into rap as well
11/2/2010 9:15:58 AM
Ellen United States
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Ryan Stevenson song!  Heard it first thing this morning and can't wait to hear it again!  Play it for us Air1!
11/2/2010 9:39:28 AM
Kandeyapple United States
Is this where we can request songs?? NEED TO HEAR the new Yesterday song more often to keep me moving during the work week! Does he have more songs coming out or just this single? Anyone? Haha, I'm still dancing from this one!! Tight sound!
11/2/2010 11:18:42 AM
Judy C. United States
Judy C.
WOW RYAN!!! Can't wait to hear MORE of your songs over the air waves!  Yahoo Bro!!! Love your music!
11/2/2010 11:50:31 AM
Bethany Olsen United States
Bethany Olsen
I so enjoy Ryan Stevenson's music.  Can't wait to hear more - specificly In the Sun.
11/2/2010 9:51:05 PM
Jill Williams United States
Jill Williams
This song ROCKS!  Ryan Stevenson is the next Jeremy Camp!  Can't wait to hear this song more often!
11/3/2010 1:33:10 PM
Stephanie!!! United States
LOVE LOVE LOVE the song Yesterday Today Forever.. really wish it played more!! Love the new sound and want to hear more from Ryan Stevenson on Air1. Whoever plays the bass has MADDD skills!!!!
11/3/2010 4:34:58 PM
Scott Whitmire United States
Scott Whitmire
I love the new song Yesterday Today Forever. I would love to hear it more.
11/4/2010 8:21:10 AM
Waders United States
Oh man I love this Song and this band these guys are great and their music is opening peoples eyes and I hope that this song keeps playing and maybe even some of their others will start playing as well. Good luck guys
11/5/2010 2:07:02 PM
TPru United States
One of the greatest blessings is for Ryan's music to be dispersed on radio. Ryan amazes us with his incredible talent in the way he expresses his love for Christ,and yet this great song reveals only a fraction of his talent. I am honored to have witnessed some of the ways Ryan is talented, from song writing,being a worship leader,playing guitar,drums,and keys,not to mention that he's a full-time paramedic and saves lives daily! I am truly inspired by Ryan's obedience and how he uses his talents to glorify God. I can't wait to hear more of his music on Air1!
11/5/2010 6:33:37 PM
Heather Josi United States
Heather Josi
Yesterday is "real life" music. Please play it more! I Love It.
11/6/2010 5:20:05 AM
David Australia
Could someone PLEASEE tell me how to get a hold of Ryan Stevenson's new album!
Apparently he released it in May and its called "Undiscovered".

I've been searching the net to see where i could buy it from but no results!? Frown

Could someone please help me! Thanks. Blessings
11/6/2010 10:22:17 AM
dale United States
I saw on Ryan's website that his song "yesterday" will be available on Dec 6th, and that his record will be out in early 2011.
11/7/2010 4:36:16 PM
Suzanne United States
I absolutely LOVE both songs! Especially the Ryan Stevenson!Please keep playing it more often!
11/12/2010 7:32:35 PM
Curt United States
Awesome new song. I love it.