Oct 08 2010
We are 83% funded

If you gave to your radio station, thank you!  Perhaps, this comment from one of our new supporters capture it all.

  "We LOVE Air1 and listen to it everyday and every time we are in the car. My 9 year old twins LOVE it and download songs that we hear on Air1 all the time.  My husband listens on the way to work.  You are a huge part of our lives and a daily encouragement.  Thank you for what you do." 
~Jennifer from Overland Park, KS

  Jennifer, we thank YOU.  We appreciate you and everybody out there.   We are continuing to pray here at the studio to close the gap.  Can you rally others in your community to give to Air1?  Make a pledge now because it feels right. 

God bless you.



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10/13/2010 6:43:26 PM
Dakota P United States
Dakota P
I listen to this radio station every morning and before school and after school and it just gets me ready and reminds me that what ever happens i still have god on my side for ever.
Thank You,
Dakota R Pierce