Oct 08 2010


Whether someone has come to Christ or needing encouragement during the day-to-day, God uses Air1 to SAVE! Check out these stories from two Air1 listeners...


I've never been sure if I could donate any amount. But Air1 was crucial in my accepting Christ and that led to me listening to it around my husband and helped led him to Christ as well.


It amazes me how the very minute one worry is lifted from our hearts, another one takes its place with a vengeance.Things you are afraid you might not live through, things you aren't sure you want to live through.Thanks to Air1, I have discovered that I am a normal wife & mom that struggles viciously with guilt in not being the perfect wife, mom, employee, & friend. Exhaustion & frustration are my constant companions.The tidbits of life shared by the DJs, stories from listeners, & the words to the music have helped me discover that I am not alone in my struggling...


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