Oct 08 2010
Going Through The Motions


Everyone goes through rough spots in the road we call life. Maybe one of those rough spots is what is making you hesitant to give during the Air1 Pledge Drive. But, despite those hard times would you be willing to give your anything and a prayer? Check out Joseph’s story for a bit of inspiration!

My youngest son lost his leg about 2yrs ago and my wife about 8 months later was informed she had breast cancer. Last year during the spring pledge drive I stumbled upon Air1 for the first time and I heard the song “Going Through The Motions” and realized, that I had been going through the motions in order to support my family. They were hurting and so was I and all I could give them was simple basic motions and God showed me a better way and woke me up by helping me find Air1. My son and wife are still doing surgeries, but we're happier now, none of us are simply going through the motions now. Yes things are hard for us, but our family is up lifted by God through Air1 and so in return we are supporting Air1 with a thirty dollar monthly easy pledge. We're broke, but not beaten and this is worth the price, because we know there are people out there worse off than us and if Air1 and all of you can support us, then shouldn't we return that favor? God bless you all and remember we are all family and children of the Lord.

 Listen to part of "Going Through The Motions" by Matthew West

What’s your anything and a prayer?


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